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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 11, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> no. actually he's going to california, though. with porter's aunt? >> no, because he'll keep working. >> that's it. >> see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. welcome to groundhog day. the return of the fiscal cliff as we are now less than six hours away from the midnight hour and the government running out of authorized funding. the president and the vice president are working the phones to win democratic votes as efforts on both ends of pennsylvania avenue now to delay or prevent a partial government shutdown are happening. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is watching the action from capitol hill. irks >> reporter: president obama invites vice president biden to work the phones and rally some democratic support. house leaders are pushing back
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telling their members they should not feel intimidated. they're fighting each other. >> the biggest obstacle to the house passing a government funding extension at the deadline of the current deal was freshman massachusetts democrat senator elizabeth warren. the liberal favorite took to the senate floor encouraging her allies to stand up and fight. >> when the next bailout comes, a lot of people will look back to this vote to see who was responsible for putting the government back on the hook to bail out wall street. >> reporter: oewarren's objectis stirred democrats in the house. >> i wouldn't call this an elizabeth warren factor. i don't think she is a factor or not a factor. this is a middle class factor. >> reporter: some democrats criticized a provision that would allow individuals to contribute more money to their chosen party. house speaker john boehner noted
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democrats from the house and senate were at the negotiating table. >> it was agreed to in this bill on a bipartisan, bicammeral agreement. so nobody did this unilaterally. we've done this in a bipartisan fashion. >> reporter: ahead of the final vote in the house, leader nancy pelosi expresseder h eher outra >> i was so very heart broken, heartbroken to see the taint that was placed on this valuable appropriations bill from on high. >> reporter: meanwhile sources say the white house has been telling democrats it supports of the 1603-page package over a 60-day continuing resolution and spokesman josh earnest was asking about the president being on the opposite side of warren's protest. >> she's referring to a specific provision in this omnibus that
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would be related to watering down one provision of the wall street reform law. the president does not support that provision, but on balance the president does believe that this compromised proposal is worthy of his support. >> yet the democratic congressional campaign committee remained opposed to know social media and appealed to supporters to stop the boehner bank bailout. just moments ago dennis mcdonough arrived on capitol hill to try and twist arms with house democrats. it's not clear if that will work. plan b at this point appears to be a short-term continuing resolution. the white house doesn't like that and feels like it would lose leverage with an all republican congress. >> this is a real test for the president and the administration. if it doesn't get across the finish line, that's an indication -- >> reporter: to see whether nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren have more input or power with house rank in file members or whether the president still has some power with them so a
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real test to see how much he has left or how much he may bow a lame duck at this point. let's talk more about elizabeth warren and the possibility of a 2016 run. carl cameron join us tonight. >> elizabeth warren is testing how much juice she's got. she's making herself a major player and she's been doing it all week. it is gutsy for a senator to tell house members how to vote but that's exactly what she's done all week. she's been fiesty and populist. it looks like she's taken a page from gop senator ted cruz's playbook. he pushed house republicans to shut down the government and now he's actively positioning for a white house run. so this isn't a bad move politically for elizabeth warren and she's holding sway at least at this hour. >> warren says, though, she's not running for president. >> yeah, but an awful lot of liberals, a, don't want to believe that. b, they are looking for an
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alternative to hillary clinton and, c, they think warren might be coy and bieding her time. ready for warren is organizing in states and this beak they got a big boost. two major grassroots groups have joined the warren bandwagon, has 8 million members and is donating a million bucks to move on warren. it has to gall clinton. now, the other group is democracy for america, which with the ready for warren group, it's a group that is created by howard dean who has said he's going to vote for -- support hillary clinton. so it just shows you where the divisions are in the democratic party and it's also clear that democrats, many liberals think hillary is too hawkish on defense and too cozy with wall street so enter elizabeth warren tonight. we may look back on this and say
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this is where the warren campaign really began. >> interesting to watch. they are ready for somebody. the intelligence committee fired back in response to the highly critical senate intelligence committee report. the head of the spy agency disputes many of the democratic-led committee's findings, while president obama continues to walk a political tight rope between stark leo posing viewpoints. ed henry is at the white house where the president is taking fire from both sides but we begin with katherine herridge and the view from the spy master. >> reporter: the cia said they must be seen in the context of the 9/11 attacks and an enemy that is determined to strike again. >> they would plunge us into a seemingly never-ending war against a globally dispersed collection of terrorists with a merd yourous agenda. >> reporter: director john
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brennan disputed a key finding in the senate intelligence committee report, that the enhanced interrogation program did not provide substantive leads in the decade-long hunt for the al qaeda leader and his compound in pakistan. >> there was information obtained subsequent to the application of eits from detainees that was useful in the bin laden operation. >> reporter: brennan offered a more nuanced assessment of the program and the waterboarding of 9/11 operatives and the information they provided. >> the cause and effect relationship between the use of eits and useful information subsequently provided by the detainee is in my view unknowable. >> reporter: and he echoed the sentiment that the report the a fundamental flaw because they were questioned. >> you lose the opportunity to really understand what was taking place at the time. >> reporter: the live news conference here at cia headquarters is unprecedented
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and reflects the impact of the democratic-led senate report on the agency and its mission. >> this is a feature, i think, of our past and one that we have to come to terms with and deal with. and this agency is determined to move forward. >> reporter: while not offering specifics, brennan said the revelations were damaging and reinforced the view among america's allies that we cannot be trusted. >> there are things that we do with our partner services under our authorities that we have covert action authorities, and covert is something they were hoping was going to remain such. >> reporter: there are lingering questions about brennan who said he privately objected to the interrogations when he served as a cia deputy director under president bush and why he did not do more to stop the program. >> i was not in the chain of command. >> reporter: when weapons of mass destruction were not found in iraq, brennan said republicans and democrats on the senate intelligence committee
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worked together, but in this case the investigation was lopsided. >> thank you. as in many things, critics are accusing president obama of trying to have it both ways on the cia report. as is often the case lately, it appears he's managing to make almost no one happy. chief white house correspondent ed henry has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: even though he does not show up to personally deliver president obama's daily intelligence briefing, cia director john brennan did so today, just hours before his big news conference, giving the president a chance to huddle behind closed doors with his embattled cia director. >> the president wakes up every morning pleased to know that john brennan and the men and women of the cia are at work using their skills and expertise to protect the american people. >> reporter: that comes as the president keeps getting pressure from the left to do more to rein in the cia.
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the american civil liberties union demanded a special prosecutor be named. >> the president is saying this is outside the law and now we have 500 pages saying the law was broken. >> let's be clear about what the president was saying. he was saying these tactics were entirely inconsistent with our values as americans and they undermined our moral authority. >> reporter: that's in direct conflict with brennan who again said he believes enhanced interrogation techniques helped stop terror attacks. >> but for someone to say there was no intelligence of value, of use, that came from those detainees once they were subjected to eits, i think that is -- lacks any foundation at all. >> reporter: spokesman josh earnest again said there is no contradiction in the president
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denouncing brutal tactics for terrorists while ramping up drone strikes that frequently result in innocent deaths. >> before any counterterrorism strike is taken outside the area of active hostilities, there must be near certainty, this is policy, there must be no certainty no civilians will be killed or injured. >> reporter: leaving former vice president dick cheney to charge the president's policies are soft on terror detainees. >> what are we supposed to do, kiss him on both cheeks and say please, please, tell us what you know. of course not. we did exactly what needed to be done to catch those who were guilty on 9/11 and to prevent another report. >> this report says it was not successful. >> the report is full of crap. >> reporter: in the last few moments former president george h.w. bush is putting out a statement saying intelligence officials often to dangerous and selfless work. i felt compelled to reiterate my confidence in the agency today and thank those throughout its ranks for their ongoing and
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important work to keep america safe and secure. the former president served as cia director in the mid-'70s. >> ed, thank you. up next, why the obama administration is resorting to name calling and little else against islamic terrorists in the middle east. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. portland's fox 12 with a live look at lincoln city, oregon, where a massive storm is headed after slamming into northern california today dumping as much as 7 inches of rain in some places. electricity was cut off, roads flooded, schools closed and flights cancelled in san francisco. fox 25 in boston has a woman who ran her car into a house. she's been charged now with operating under the influence. please say the vehicle came to rest directly over the bed where a 72-year-old man had been resting. he sustained a laceration to the head. and this is a live look at san diego from fox 5. the big story there tonight, there it is, the end of a tense
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standoff between police and a man suspected of killing his wife. daniel diego perez was swarmed by officers when he got out of his car with two of his young sons. it appeared he was trying to jump off an elevated transition freeway ramp. that is tonight's look outside the beltway. we'll be right back.
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because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup.
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because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. americans are still not satisfied with the answers they're getting or not getting about the benghazi terror attacks. the latest fox news poll indicates support for continued congressional investigation into the event. 58% feel that way. 7 in 10 believe the president should require everyone who was involved to testify. now to a disturbing lack of progress. a progress report of sorts on
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president obama's efforts against the islamic state terrorists. the administration is now calling the group a specific name, an arabic acronym that the group itself despises. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight to tell us that may be about as aggressive as the administration will get any time soon. hello, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, bret. it was hard not to notice that they changed the moniker from isil to dash. the media prefers isis. it may be that the acronym dash translates to an insult meaning trample or crush. isis leaders have threatened to cut the tongues out of those who use it. >> six months ago yesterday is when mosul fell. six months ago yesterday is when we all wondered whether this was the beginning of the end of iraq. so from that moment to this, much has happened. many things have occurred. we believe that the strategic and the operational momentum has
3:18 pm
been halted. >> reporter: it's been three months since the president stated the pentagon would vet, train and equip moderate syrian forces on the ground. officials admit that vetting process has yet to begin. >> you can't tell me politically whether we have armed, vetted, armed and trained anybody yet and sent them back to syria to fight a sis? you can't answer that question? >> i think the answer right now is no. >> why not? >> it was designed to be a long-term program and we hope -- >> i understand. no, you wait a minute. i'm asking the questions, you give the answer. >> u.s. air strikes may be damaging the moderate rebels more than they are halting isis. a new study published suggests the u.s.-led air strikes have allowed isis and assad to consolidate power. they have stopped targeting each other. isis is focused on eliminating the very moderate opposition groups the u.s. hopes to train
3:19 pm
and equip. out of more than 900 operations, assad has targeted isis only 6% of the time since u.s. air strikes began. syria, meanwhile, is letting u.s. airplanes deal with isis while it too targets the moderate opposition. >> jennifer, thank you. still ahead, new urgent fallout from the president's failed promise on obamacare. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need.
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we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. capitol hill budget battle is not the only big issue running up against the clock this month. thousands of you are facing a
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monday deadline. this coming monday to get health insurance. chief national correspondent jim angle explains why. >> reporter: the president was forced to back down after the backlash over this statement which even democrats say was a lie. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> reporter: the president back tracked and asked state regulators and insurance companies to extend those policies ultimately until 2017 but many companies only extended them until the end of this year and now in virginia hundreds of thousands of plans in the individual market are getting cancelled. >> you probably have somewhere around three, 400,000 in the nongroup market. >> reporter: and those who want to be covered by january 1st, 2015, must get a new policy by midnight, december 15th, which is why they are getting 130 calls a day. >> working through midnight every night. >> reporter: for those who are
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healthy, the shock can be huge or in the case of susan berry, 59 and divorced, even greater. >> i was paying $293 with anthem for medical and now i'm paying $583. i don't know, that's over a 100% increase. >> reporter: and her deductible almost tripled. >> the worst part was the deductible. with anthem it was $2250 and now this one with united health care is $6300. >> reporter: susan is just over the limit for subsidies for a single person so she has to pay the full cost herself. an she's healthy, not the kind of person that reaps the full benefits of obamacare. >> the people of very limited means, the people that had substantial health issues when they took their nongroup coverage out, but we're dragging about maybe 90% of the population down the drain to help that population. >> reporter: susan is still trying to figure out how she can afford $10,000 for health care.
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>> i am thinking about having someone live in my home to make up the difference. >> one of the main reasons so many consumers are upset, they're paying a lot more for coverage they find less attractive. >> reporter: as charles schumer recently said, 85% of people were happy with their insurance beforehand and though the massive changes to health care were aimed as insuring the uninsured, millions of americans will remain without insurance. >> even if they are successful to the degree these projections indicate, there still will be about 30 million or a little more uninsured ten years from now. >> reporter: and that may be one reason that the latest fox news poll shows 58% of americans favor repealing the law. >> jim, it's hard to believe but i'm thanking you for the last time as you are getting ready
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for a much-deserved retirement, starting tonight, i guess. congratulations. it's been an honor working with you. i'm really not sure how we're going to cover obamacare going forward, but thank you for all your years here. >> thank you, bret, you're very kind. >> be sure to tune in at the end of the show for a special tribute to jim. stocks were back up today. the dow gained 63, the s&p 500 was up 9 and the nasdaq up 24. a prospective republican presidential candidate needs to brush up on his hebrew while the guy who currently has the job is a little rusty on his old testament. and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a move by scott walker that was intended toin grash yat himself in the eyes of a jewish constituent has decidedly back fired. a letter has surfaced. he responded to a request for hannukah decorations in the courthouse. quote, we would be happy to display the menorah, the letter reads. it concludes, thank you, again, and molotov. sincerely, scott walker. it's assumed he meant mozoltov.
3:31 pm
governor walker said it was probably a typo. speaking of a religious faux pas, president obama made a curious biblical reference on tuesday. >> the good book says don't throw stones in glass houses or make sure we're looking at the log in our eye before we point it out in other people's eyes. >> while the bible does warn against judging others, there are no references to glass houses. one person just tweeted that the good book talks about people in glass houses not throwing stones. what book is that again? and finally, parents in one california school district were floored to hear what their kids are learning in sex ed. ninth graders in a high school near san francisco are learning about the birds and the bees not from their teachers but from employees of planned parenthood with work sheets, including a
3:32 pm
checklist of things to do before having sex. and tips for asking your partner to take the relationship to the next level. most surprising for some people, this diagram of a genderbread person which lays out a flowchart for how to identify one's gender. planned parenthood appears to be pushing an agenda that's not necessarily in ryline with thei beliefs. they're asking for full access to the curriculum and the instructor. >> we're getting a lot of feedback about last night's interview with former vice president dick cheney on the cia interrogation report. mr. cheney's reaction offered just the latest example of his no-holds barred, tell it like he sees it style. it's been on display for decades. tonight chief washington correspondent james rosen revisits the man who is, to
3:33 pm
paraphrase that political photograph philosopher, still cheney after all these years. >> did the ends justify the means? >> absolutely. >> it was vintage cheney, the former vice president back in the headlines. still a top ratings draw, defending the harsh interrogation techniques his office helped develop after 9/11 and which senate democrats in an unclassified report this week branding brand editor tour. >> here in washington you have politicians that conveniently support things when the public opinion has add lags for it and they head for the hills when that gets tough. you won't see that happen with my dad on this issue or any issue. >> we also have to work the dark side. >> for expanded presidential powers, dick cheney has been the leading advocate since the onset of the 9/11 era. it's a view he's nurtured since the post-watergate era sips he
3:34 pm
was chief of staff to president ford. then as defense secretary under the first president bush during the gulf war ands the seasoned number two to the second president bush during the afghan and iraq wars, mr. cheney unapologetically flew the flag. >> it is a record to be continued until danger is past. >> now in the obama era where they have systematically sought town do the beneficiary legacy. it is mr. cheney rather than george w. bush who sallys forth to defend that legacy. peter baker is the author of "days of fire, bush and cheney in the white house." >> no republican president has been in the office in the last 40 years who didn't depend on him in some fashion or other, either in the white house or in congress. now he's in a stage of retirement where he's defending a legacy and trying to shape the
3:35 pm
way history will look at it. >> bloomberg chastised mr. cheney for not having read the report and mike hersh pronounced him a war criminal. john than carl noted that his views are basically in line with cia director brennan. >> james, thank you. we'll talk about america's top spy weighing in on the cia interrogation report and get reaction from the panel after a quick break.
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the study's contention that we repeatedly and intentionally misled the public and the rest of the u.s. government rests on the committee's view that det n detainees subjected to eits did not produce useful intelligence, a point on which we still fundamentally disagree. there was useful intelligence, very useful, valuable
3:39 pm
intelligence that was obtained from individuals who had been at some point subjected to eits. whether that could have been obtained without the use of those eits is something, again, that is unknowable. >> well, almost unprecedented event to have a press conference from the cia director at cia headquarters in langley. it happened today, as you heard john brennan defending some of the actions of the cia and its interrogation program. in the meantime, while that was happening, senator dianne feinstein, the current chair of that committee, was live tweeting or someone in her office was live tweeting from her account. and among the tweets, cia says unknowable if we could have gotten the intel other ways. study shows it is knowable. cia had info before torture. read the report, the hash tag. with that let's bring in our panel, george will, juan williams, and charles
3:40 pm
krauthammer. okay, george. >> this is an unprecedented press conference and i don't think it's a precedent that make us hungry for more because i don't think we learned a whole lot. the contention seems to be in this town that the most important question is did the torture work. the fact is the law doesn't say torture is forbidden or unless or until it's useful, it's just forbidden so the question is, is this torture and did we do it. brennan seems ready to concede a number of the points. i would like to have heard a question as to why and who destroyed the tapes. our fox news' in-house judge says and i think he's right that this whole report stems from the irritation ofne feinstein if they destroyed the tapes. they hacked the computers of the
3:41 pm
oversight committee of congress for the cia. these are unanswered questions and part of the long conversation we're going to have. >> yeah, that really wasn't tackled in this news conference. juan, i want you to listen to another part of john brennan's news conference in which it sounded like a backhanded slap against an all democrat report. >> even on politically sensitive matters, such as the ssci's investigation into the intelligence failures regarding weapons of mass destruction in iraq, the committee succeeded in producing a report that was supported unanimously. this week the senate's committee on intelligence released the executive summary, findings and conclusions of its study of the agency's former detention and interrogation program. vice chairman channel lis and others released minority
3:42 pm
reviews. >> well, the majority including republicans on the committee, only one voted to release the report. the question is about the minority report which argues that the democrats cherry picked the results of what they put it. but remember, it's based on cia documents. as george pointed out a moment ago, this is illegal activity. you can't -- whatever you want to call it, the euphemism that we all engage in here, enhanced interrogation techniques, torture to be blunt, is not legal for our country. so the question becomes, and this is what i think was the strong point of the cia director's presentation today was to say, and i think he was in a -- he's on a line here. he's defending his guys. remember, he was actually there at the time, so he's defending the cia at the same time that he is coming out and saying let's move on, because he does not want to start another fight either with feinstein or with his boss at the white house. and what he said i think in his moment of defense was, remember
3:43 pm
the context. remember how fearful we were after the 9/11 attacks. >> you can argue about the legality, but vice president cheney last night would say that they were in the legal guidelines as they saw them from the justice department interpretation according to the memos and all of the -- whether they managed to massage the language there of what torture was. here's vice president cheney from last night. >> he is in our possession, we know he's the architect. what are we supposed to do, kiss him on both cheeks and tell him please, please, tell us what you know. of course not. i think what needed to be done was done. i think we are perfectly justified in doing it and i'd do it again in a minute. >> it seems to me, you know, that vice president cheney is simply saying, you know what, we had to do what we had to do, but the fact is there are other interrogation techniques that the cia says are just as valuable.
3:44 pm
>> i'm just going to the point of your legality thing. >> i don't think there's any question about the legality. >> if there's no question about the legality, why is it that obama's attorney general, eric holder, who isn't exactly a right wing nut, appointed a prosecutor who looked into this instance after instance of this and found no basis to initiate a prosecution. >> and they're not moving forward in mi prosecution. >> that's number one. secondly, i think the central question is how could the committee have released a report without ever having interviewed a single person involved. when we have a criminal trial, we actually interview the witnesses, the people who were there and often the people involved. we don't rely entirely on documents, because you need to know the context, you need to know what was in the mind of the person referred to. and when feinstein is asked about this, her answer is there was a concurrent investigation
3:45 pm
by the department of justice and, thus, we were not able to interview them. well, that is total rubbish, because the investigation ended in 2012. it's now the end of 2014. they had over two years to interview and talk to anybody involved, including the highest officials who were never excluded from interrogation in principle but who were never spoken to. they end up releasing a report without any of that. no rebuttal, no context, no statements, which to me tells me that they had a single intent. hanging the cia out to dry, and they went looking for the evidence that fit. >> defenders of the cia should be careful what they wish for because now people can say well, all right, the people that dianne feinstein's people did not interview should come before the cameras and congress and
3:46 pm
we'll interview them. >> why wasn't it in the report? >> because this is based exclusively on cia documents. >> i understand. >> and in fact the cia tried to block at times, and that's a matter of discussion as bret was suggesting earlier as to whether or not there's criminal activity. >> so you would say if there's a trial for some criminal offense somewhere and you did not question the witnesses or the people involved but relied only on documents, that would be a fair verdict? >> i'm not -- this is not a trial. let me just add -- >> it can be on the panel sometimes. >> i know. but let me quickly add the reason the obama people have disappointed their liberal base and not gone after this and not prosecuted was out of respect that really what brennan said today is true. we were scared. >> we'll leave it there. i would want to correct one thing on the grapevine, scott walker did have a typo when he used molotov, but guess what, we had a typo too.
3:47 pm
it said scott brown on the graphic. it meant scott walker. next up, will elizabeth warren torpedo the budget bill? we're about five hours, 15 minutes away. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... test test. position 102 test test. test test. chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust
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3:51 pm
president are whipping votes at this hour. five hours from a government shutdown. white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough is up there doing as well. elizabeth warren the massachusetts senator is telling all of her house colleagues to vote against it because of a a change to the dodd frank banking regulation and she says it's time to fight. charles. >> if you are a republican, you should simply sit back and enjoy this people have been arguing about the great civil war among republicans, that's rubbish. the real civil war is among democrats. we are seeing now. rebellion by house democrats led by nancy pelosi against leading the left rebel job wing faction of the party against the moderates. and it's a great free for all. earnest is right, this is going to hurt the democrats either way. if a short-term continuing resolution is passed, it means it will come up again in the first months of the
3:52 pm
new congress when republicans will be entirely in charge. and if nothing happens, and there is a shutdown, i would love to see how the media cover yellow stone park where littlejohny is weeching when he arrives after a thousand mile drive to find the gates closed. >> in that case, juan, is with the elizabeth warren democratic shutdown? >> yeah. what i think you have got here is democrats sort of in heir cuffs. they are still angry over the election. postmortem suggest they didn't stand from what they believe and didn't sell the measure people their principles. here you have them saying we are not playing president obama's game which is to accommodate the republicans to deal with them to allow the right wing of the republican, the tea party to set the agenda and go along thinking somehow if you play nice you are going to win. here is an effort by warren and pelosi who said she is is quote, heart broken saying you know what? we are going to take a stand here. we are angry. >> george? >> well, when republicans
3:53 pm
tip toe up to the fiscal cliff they are compared to suicide bombers when she does it william jennings brian which is better. this is what you get when you have comprehensive legislation. comprehensive healthcare reform you have to pass to find out what's in it comprehensive immigration reform 1197 pages of this stuff. now you have got this. this is 80,000 words longer than moby dick, this book. now, the theory is they are going to bring these things to the floor in time for people to read them. who has a month it read this bill? who wants to read it? so, in fact, you have got in any comprehensive legislation there is something to infuriate someone. setting yourself up for this kind of showdown. >> this could be the first shot in the elizabeth warren campaign. i want to join it. i think it will be a joy for republicans to have her as the owe opponent. think about this, a left wing first term liberal senator out of harvard, exactly what the country is
3:54 pm
hungering for. >> all right. down the road, does she run? yes or no? >> yes. >> i would say that there is tremendous support. >> yes. and if she announces in a week, she will be ahead of hillary. polls of democrats apt to participate in the primaries. >> that's prediction. that's it for the panel. stay tuned as we say farewell to yet another fox news legend.
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finally tonight, we just finished wishing wendell goler a happy retirement just days ago, and tonight we say goodbye to another one of the originals. chief national correspondent jim angle started for us at the white house 948 weeks ago. since that time, he has been an integral part of how team washington covers news for this network. and he has made us better. it's been quite a ride.
3:58 pm
>> well, in politics, the impressions are like clay. once they harden, they are very difficult to change. >> jim angle made quite an impression from the moment he started at fox. before the channel's launch. with the clinton campaign, i'm jim angle, fox news. >> our chief white house correspondent already had years of experience at cnn, abc, and npr. >> taking credit for everything but good weather may not be fair, and it certainly doesn't seem that way to bob dole. >> in 2000 i worked alongside jim covering the recount in tallahassee, florida. >> bush is now boldly asserted once again that he has won the vote in florida. >> with the presidency hanging in the balance, we bounce from courtroom to courtroom, quickly digesting rulings on the infamous hanging chad. >> after hulgtedzing with his legal advisors, gore decided there was no daylight in the supreme court ruling. >> jim traveled the world covering two different presidents for us. >> with the president in south america and rwanda,
3:59 pm
china, moscow, jim angle, fox news. >> and he was the pool reporter on president bush's historic air force one trip into iraq. >> to get here, the president slipped out of his ranch in crawford in unmarked cars, leaving even some secret service agents there thinking he was still home. >> in recent months and years, jim has provided viewers a detailed look at a complex bill and then law. obamacare. >> the exchanges need far more than 25% of the young to keep rates from soaring. supplemental policies could also attract employers trying to avoid the 40% cadillac tax under obamacare. >> and he always did it with his texas straight talk and often a laugh. [ laughter ] >> he yes. beware, people holding plywood bears and creeping through the woods. >> we're going to miss jim angle. good luck, jim in he retirement. i'm told the red wine tastes even better in retirement. so from all of us here, cheers.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. right now there is chaos on capitol hill at midnight the government shutdown unless there is a spending bill passed but right now that is anything but certain. this spending bill is going right down to the wire. and at this late hour it is do so chaotic that even president obama and vice president biden working the phone and twisting arms for votes. mike emanuel live on capitol hill with the latest. mike? >> greta, we are in a holding pattern as you mention. the president, vice president working the phones, trying to convince some skeptical house democrats to support this deal. bottom line, they are hoping to get enough votes to pass a trillion-dollar plus government funding extension. tonight, white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough is personally up here on capitol hill to meet with


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